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The first half of has posed many questions most of us never thought we'd have to answer in our lifetime, including: "What does pop mean in a world of self-isolation? The answer, of course, is yes. We've found that in times of quarantine and other crises, music is as meaningful as ever, even just as the soundtrack to such menial activities as doing the dishes, taking a walk around the block or just sitting at home and wondering when or if things will feel normal again. As difficult as this period has been, we doubt we could've gotten by without these songs -- and we look forward to making up for lost time with them at whatever point we're finally able to celebrate them publicly. Halsey, "You Should Be Sad". Jessie Reyez feat. Zebra Katz, "In In In". Sada Baby, "Slide". At this point, it's hard to dispel Lil Mosey's hit-making abilities. Adroit at penning lighthearted heaters such as "Noticed" and "Kamikaze," the ambitious Seattle upstart blasts a grand slam with his latest single "Blueberry Faygo.
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Just like we saw in , the app has been full of music clips that are stuck in everyone's heads, even if they weren't mainstream hits.

Top Pop Songs 2020

We're halfway through a year that feels like eternity, but at least we've had an abundance of tunes to keep us occupied. From a bittersweet posthumous release to petty breakup bops, here are the best songs has to offer so far. Rihanna, we're waiting! Listen Now. BRB, crying. Peppy synths, a funky guitar line, and a breakup helped craft this unofficial quarantine anthem. Try not to dance, I dare you. For the first time ever, Dua Lipa lends her soulful rasp to a breezy, upbeat melody that has become synonymous with her co-stars' signature sounds. An intoxicating love is hard to come by, and harder to shake off. When di quarantine ting done and everybody touch road?

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The top pop songs downloaded at the iTunes music store. To buy and download the popular songs and music you must have Apple's iTunes player installed on your system. The chart of today's current hit top pop songs on iTunes is several times daily and was last updated: Sunday, August 16 , am Pacific Time. Related Charts : Top new pop songs , iTunes top pop albums , and iTunes top songs. Watermelon Sugar Harry Styles. If the World Was Ending feat. Intentions feat. Quavo Justin Bieber. Rey Soul. Drop Dead Holly Humberstone.

Just like we saw in , the app has been full of music clips that are stuck in everyone's heads, even if they weren't mainstream hits. This is an : running list of some of the music that has blown up on TikTok in Scroll to the end to find a more comprehensive Spotify playlist of TikTok hits. This sound was used for a very cool little dance trend where people showed off traditional outfits from their cultures.

Then, inexplicably, Jason Derulo got a hold of it and remixed it into " Savage Love. Embracing our cultures fyp foryou foryoupage cookislands korean petlife bestfandom workdistractions siblingcheck OpenForDelivery couple. The actual song: Jawsh is a year-old producer from New Zealand with Samoan and Cook Island heritage who's still grappling with how ridiculously popular his track has become.

It turns out Derulo used his sound without permission at first, but they've now worked it out. The actual song: The original unremixed track actually has a much slower vibe. This track is an excellent way to pump yourself the fuck up. Like, yes, you are that bitch.

The actual song: Doja Cat could honestly take up every spot on this list because everything she puts out tends to go viral on TikTok. Her song "Say So," for example, sparked a whole viral dance trend that then appeared in the official music video.

Dancer zoifishh made a catchy dance to this catchy song that was subsequently performed by the likes of Charli D'Amelio, Addison Rae, and Emma Chamberlain. It was initially released on a EP but went viral in March of this year. When his track went big on TikTok, he chose to turn down big label record deals and stay independent. There perhaps hasn't been a TikTok dance as viral or as controversial as the Renegade, set to this song. It was originally created by an Atlanta teen named Jalaiah Harmon and then re-enacted by seemingly everyone, often without credit.

In her honor, below is the Instagram post that started it all. The actual song: The song was released back in , and despite how you know it, it's actually called "Lottery.

This was another one of those only-on-TikTok viral songs. While it did have a dance trend associated this it, it blew up so big on the app that it was used as background music for pretty much anything and everything. The actual song: This is basically a perfect Gen Z track, capturing that Post Malone—esque vibe but more upbeat.

The track was gaining traction on its own but got even bigger once TikTok decided to highlight it. This track basically became the official track of quarantine because we are all, in fact, stuck in our houses and bored as heck. You ever be bored at the house bored? The actual song: This hit started as a viral TikTok from Curtis Roach above that was just him pounding on a table and rapping, but it was very catchy! Among the many people who lip-synched to the song was rapper Tyga, who loved it so much that he reached out to Roach to collab on a fresh version of the track.

This was the perfect sound for storytime TikToks and jokes about being in the wrong place at the wrong time. It's a bit hard to track, however, because it was most often shared not using the official audio. The actual song: Even weirder than the fact that Weezer's lead singer is featured on this track is that it's actually from January Content warning for this one. The lyrics are about self-image and disordered eating, so many people used it to talk about some heavy, personal topics.

But on the other hand, other people ignored the context and just did cute dances. Addison Rae, in particular, was called out for doing this. The actual song: This deceptively poppy, beachy tune was released at the end of by indie band Beach Bunny. It is literally impossible to not throw your ass back to this song.

Just try it, you can't do it! The part you know: " If I back it up, is it fat enough? Cookiee is at home in the Jersey club scene and didn't even have a TikTok account when the song went viral. Love YouGotIt. The actual song: This song is old. Like, old. The indie group is from Florida and released their first full album in Because no one learned anything from Renegade, this was another case of a young black woman — Jeje Janajah — making a very cool, very viral dance and a bunch of young, white women also doing it, often without credit.

The actual song: This was definitely destined to be a hit no matter what, but Megan did give a nod to the dance's creator in the lyric music video. Contact Lauren Strapagiel at lauren. Got a confidential tip? Submit it here. Harm Franklin - Curtis Waters. View this photo on Instagram. Instagram: jalaiah. Rivers Cuomo - AJR. View this track on Spotify. View Comments. Oops Looks like your browser doesn't support JavaScript.

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